International GCSE Requirements for USAf Complete Exemption Calculator

The below calculator is based on the Cambridge Assessment International Examinations conditions and requirements to gain exemption for entry to South African public universities (

To meet the International GCSE requirements for Complete Exemption from USAf, we recommend that students should take at least 6 International GCSEs, with 5 leading on to AS-Level. The below calculator does not include the AS-Level requirements that follow-on from these International GCSE requirements.

To comply, you will need: 1 subject from First Language; 1 subject from Foreign Languages; 1 subject from Science; 3 subjects from either Science, Humanities, Vocational

We currently do not offer learning content for *Afrikaans. Errors and omissions excepted.

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{{ foreignLanguages.length }}/1: Foreign Languages mdi-checkbox-marked-circle mdi-cancel

{{ sciences.length }}/1: Sciences mdi-checkbox-marked-circle mdi-cancel

{{ sciences.length + humanities.length + vocational.length }}/4: Sciences, Humanities, Vocational mdi-checkbox-marked-circle mdi-cancel

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